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Adding your own stock or other suppliers

Our system allows you to include your own stock or suppliers that are not listed on Stock in the channel publicly. In the UK there are 120 public suppliers that you can easily add, however customers have up to 130 supplier feeds coming in (80 of the public suppliers and 50 private)

Private suppliers work in a similar way to the suppliers we list openly in that the products are matched with product descriptions and margin rules can be applied. Generally you have an automatic process where a file is either pushed or pulled from an FTP location. There are a few important differences:

  • Ability to manually upload a spreadsheet to include products that don’t change often
  • Choose to prioritize the feed – this means that any other suppliers of the same product are ignored.
  • Select not to apply pricing rules to products in the feed, this allows you to strategically price these items – after all if it is your own stock you want to sell it irrespective of how much it cost you

Required information

Manufacturer SKU
Product Name
Stock Level


Distributor SKU
Main Image Url
Image Thumbnail Url
Short Description
Long Description

File formats: xls, xlsx, csv or delimiter of your choice. No column order is required as this is mapped in the wizard. You may also use an archive (.zip or .7z) containing your file.

Update options: – collected from your FTP site or pushed to our FTP site or manually uploaded.

Security: Username and password login and remote folder definition supported.

Mapping the data: You can include headers in your file and can choose which column matches which piece of information in our system

Reporting: After you have uploaded the file you will be able to download a report showing the success or failure of each item. Naturally if a product / row does not include the required information – or if the information is incorrect – such as letters in a price or stock field which is numeric only, the product will not be uploaded.


  • Poor quality data – missing and inconsistent information cannot be uploaded
  • Longer tail suppliers may be less accurate
  • Duplicate part numbers – if more than one product has the same part number but a different brand – both will be excluded. Poorly thought out part numbering such as  hp-0001 and on used by more than one private supplier cause errors
  • Lack of brand mapping. Our system has brand mapping tables so we group HP – Hewlett packard – HPtoner and many other combinations under the same brand. However with private datafeeds the brand names may be completely diverse

Bear in mind that private datafeeds can be included on the sourcing view within our site – but not published to the web store. So for example you may be able to see broker stock you have uploaded as you browse our site but would never sell this on your web site.

This solution can be tried out on our demo site. Find the link to the private datafeed wizard on the “My account” page