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Deploying Cartridge finder on Magento

Stock in the Channel – Ink and Toner data
Before you are able to use the Stock in the Channel’s  Cartridge Finder Widget with your Magento instillation, you will first need to have a Stock in the Channel data feed that includes the Toner Category Structure.

This data is sold either individually for dedicated stores selling only Toner & Ink or as an additional dataset to complement your existing IT products dataset for existing clients using this service.

The Toner data resides in Magento as a separate Category Structure and is held in a second Root category which our Widget references.

Products within this data set exist only once in your Magento product database but may be a featured within multiple categories.

The data set uses a 3 tier navigation “Printer Manufacturer, Printer Family, Printer Model”

Only the third level of categories contains any products.

How to deploy the Stock in the Channel – Cartridge Finder Widget in Magento.

Step 1

The Toner Configurator is now available to download from Magento Connect and can be found here

You will need to register on Magento connect (which is Free) in order to get the instillation key.

Copy the Key and paste it into the install module box within your Magento Connect Manager in the Backend of your Magento.

If your Stock in the Channel feed contains both IT and Toner Category structures, proceed directly to step 3

Step 2

If your data feed contains only Toner Products or the root category ID for your Toner Category tree in Magento is not “ID: 4” then you will need to edit the config file located within your Magento file structure

Access your Magento via ftp and navigate to httpdocs/app/code/local/Sinch/Tonerconfigurator/etc/

Download and edit the config.xml file using notepad or equivalent

Search for the text <root_id>4</root_id> and edit the Value to reflect the root category ID of your Toner data,

Save and upload the modified file overwriting the existing version.

Note: To locate the root category ID, select Catalogue → Manage Categories in your Magento admin

Locate and select the “Default Category” that contains the Toner Data and the category ID will be displayed..

Step 3
You now have 2 ways that you can use the widget within your Magento site.

Option A. Add New Widget and decide which pages to display it on

In Magento admin navigate to: CMS → Widgets and select “Add New Widget Instance”

In the Setting select Type “Stock in the Channel – Toner Configurator”

Design Package/Theme = Select your Template Name and press continue

Frontend Properties:

Widget Instance Title = For your reference in the Magento backend only

Sort Order = Can be any numeric value and is only used if you have more than one active Widget in a single block (if in doubt enter the value as 1)

Layout Options controls where this widget will be displayed and you have many options.

It’s possible to display the widget in many different locations but remember that if you want to use a different layout of the widget you will need a separate instance.

Widget options

We have 4 predefined layouts for the widget and a 5th option for custom design which allows you to create your own design of the finder for your site using CSS

This page also has options to control:

If the user has to press the search button to submit a query or if selecting the last drop-down will automatically trigger the search.

The search text (only used if the button is enabled)

Loading text (text that is briefly displayed whilst the configurator loads the available options)

Note: Before viewing your Changes on the frontend of your Magento site you must select “Flush Magento Cache” under:  System → Cache Management.  This also applies to any changes you make after the initial setup.

Option B. Insert the widget into an existing CMS Page or CMS Block

Navigate to the appropriate block or page (Select Content for CMS pages)

Using the editor click the insert Widget Icon and select “Stock in the Channel – Toner Configurator”

Select your Title and other options as detailed above.

Save page and view your changes on the frontend.

Note: Whilst this setup is a little easier, the downside of using the insert into Static Block/page option is that you can’t display the widget in as many places. For Search results and product details pages you will need to use Option A

Step 4 (Optional)

Customising your widget via CSS

The files controlling the various Widget layouts are located in: skin/frontend/default/default/css/tonerconfigurator

These are CSS files and if you do not know CSS you should seek support from a Magento designer

A blank file is in this location titled custom.css but if you wish to edit the other versions located here, this is also fine.

Still having problem?

If you are using only our Toner data (with certain themes) you may also need to make a small edit to one of the template files please check this article for further details

If you are still unsure how to proceed or experience difficulties with this process please send an email to

Please add the subject line:  Magento – Cartridge finder support needed.

in the body of your email please include:

  1. a link to this article
  2. FTP login detail
    1. IP Address
    2. FTP Username
    3. FTP Password
  3. Magento admin panel login details
    1. The URL of your sites admin login
    2. The Magento Admin Username
    3. The Magento Admin Password
  4. Your Company Name & Contact Details