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Guide to order processing

  • Process large numbers of orders with little effort – Efficient processes make this potentially completely touchless.
  • Feedback order status to customers – Order statuses and tracking is fed back to the web store so the customer can track order progress – automatically!.
  • Reconcile with accounts – Link to your accounts package – either via your web store or via Stock in the channel.

How it Works

Managing Orders

Orders created on your web store, using our quote tool or imported from you ERP / CRM arrive in the orders inbox.
Instant overview of all pending orders
Automated processing options or manual review

Processing orders

To fulfill the order simply click the “ship” button. This will create the purchase orders. See below. The invoice button creates invoices – often this button is hidden and invoices are generated when the goods are dispatched. Many customers actually use this as an invoice trigger – where the actual invoice to the customer is created in their accounting package.

Getting the goods shipped

  • Clicking the ship button generates the purchase orders as specified on the orders screen – according to the distributors selected
  • The purchase orders are mainly sent electronically to the distributors
  • It is advised that if you have edited the cost price you send the PDF purchase order we create directly to your account manager at the distributor. If not, you often get invoiced at the feed price – rather than the agreed price with the account manager

Real time stock and prices

Whilst you can get hourly feeds to update your web store you may want the final reassurance of a real time stock check on the shopping basket. Using our API you can query all of the 15 out of 120 UK suppliers that support real time queries. (Only the larger suppliers typically provide a gateway for real tiem queries – nearly all suppliers do hourly updates – so if you have daily stock updates – our real time API service will return the latest hourly stock.

Coming Soon – Auto- fulfill webservice

We are building an Auto fulfill web service API which sends a message to our system from the shopping cart and returns the best way to fulfill the order including delivery charges having checked stock and prices in real time.

This will be targeted at the US market which has weight based freight. In Europe with flat rate shipping charges, a little javascript on the cart can work out delivery costs. In any event, there already exists the ability to call out for real time stock and prices from the basket. Connections with Fedex and UPS will be established.

Let us know if we missed anything...

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