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What is our Turnkey Solution?

Sell 150,000 products inline tomorrow, fully inclusive service with no technical knowledge required


  • Instant activation – Buy and get set up straight away – No hassles
  • Uses Magento – You still get all the flexibility of a top notch ecommerce software
  • Fully Maintained – Hosted, back / restore included, performance monitored
You need a domain name, an Internet merchant account and a payment gateway

What you get!

  • We install our turnkey on virtual servers and will run the whole install and set up for you.
  • Fully backed up – with a one click restore service should the site have issues.
  • Choice of free templates, all templates are free. Core pages (contact, about etc) plugged in for you and a site ready to go.

Our solution uses Magento, the most popular ecommerce platform in the world, hence you can take this solution as far as you want. After the initial deployment you can endlessly enhance your store.

If you expecting to have a very high traffic site or need guaranteed SLA’s or have complex technical requirements, you may wish to consider a specialist Magento hosting company instead.

Technical Specs

Your site will run on a cloud private server provided by One and One, the biggest hosting company in the world. Each server has four cores and eight gigabytes of memory.

Your site is externally backed up as well as being able to restore to a daily snapshot of the server going back 14 days.

Every aspect of the server configuration has been tweaked to optimise the performance of your site. The servers run the latest versions of PHP and Percona MySQL as well as Nginx to serve web pages. There are multiple levels of caching starting with Redis for session data moving onto Varnish for full page caching.

You manage your domain and users with Plesk control panel. We do not normally provide root access to the server. We include an SSL certificate for your site.

Your server will be automatically monitored for problems 24/7 by Zabbix monitoring software which will alert us to any issues. We also monitor support emails evenings and weekends in case you have any other issues.

Let us know if we missed anything...

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