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E-sourcing – for resellers, VARs and MSPs

See all your buy prices from all your distributors in one place

Streamline VAR and MSP sourcing by having immediate access to all your distributors stock and prices instantly. In business to business markets, different resellers pay different prices for the same product from the same supplier. Hence these are your personalised prices according to your agreement with the suppliers. Also see the “private datafeeds” to find out how to upload your own stock or suppliers not included here.

3 Step Set Up Process

  1. Login and go to the list of suppliers, simply click on the link distributors in the hea\fder.
  2. On the resulting page, which lists over 120 distributors, click on the name of the distributor that you want to see prices for.
  3. You are now on the “home” page for the selected supplier within our site. This page lists all the products from that supplier, some information about them and their contact details. Click on the button “Set up pricing”

Different ways of getting set up with pricing:

  1. With partner distributors we have an arrangement with the supplier so that all you have to do is click “apply”. This sends a request, with your contact details, directly to the distributor who then activates (or rejects) your application to see prices. For some suppliers you need to have an account before you can see prices – in which case you must enter your account number that the supplier gave you before you can apply.
  2. For all other distributors we provide instructions on how to get your pricing set up. This may involve logging in to the distributors web site and filling in a form or contacting your account manager. They then send you a username and password which you simply paste in to the page to activate pricing.
  3. Note:Some partner distributors will show prices to anyone – so as soon as you click “apply”, pricing will be activated on your account.
    Other suppliers allow non account holders to see standard prices so make entry of your account number with the supplier optional
    The rest require that you enter an account number before you apply to see prices and you are set up on the correct price band for your account.

Set up delivery charges

On each distributor home page you can put in your default shipping costs and the free over level. By doing this our baskets tool will be able to work out the cheapest way to buy the products.

Set up real time pricing

Just as you have set up the datafeeds, similarly you can follow instructions for about 20 of the suppliers so that you can see real time up to the second stock and prices.

Use baskets

This service allows you to add items to a basket – our system then suggests the best way to fulfil the order and gives you a shopping list.


Let us know if we missed anything...

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