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Quote / Order Process

Our order processing tools can be used on their own, connected to your webstore, connected to CRM / PSA software and / or with bridges to your accounting or ERP system. If you are using the following packages we have existing bridges or code libraries.

Magento – Sage – Ms Dynamics – SAP

You are encouraged to contact us to get this started – we provide demo and sandbox facilities for you to use – as well as advice on how to get started. However this section provides details of how you can build bridges to your systems via FTP or using our API. Partner opportunities exist for ISV’s and their VARS to build plugins and bridges we will promote to our 40,000 users.

Stand alone process

  1. Magento orders immediately arrive in our system – (this can simply be switched on)
  2. Create quote and orders online using our system
  3. Use our system to get orders shipped, electronic purchase orders sent straight to suppliers (with no need to copy and paste orders to suppliers web sites)
  4. Status and tracking from suppliers fed back to web store and salespeople
  5. Receive bills and match with POs sent – batch entry saves time

Bridges to CRM / PSA sofware

  1. Create quotes with accurate stock and prices instantly – with existing customer look up and customer specific pricing
  2. Send these quotes and related opportunities in your CRM
  3. Email quotes and proposal to customer and follow up on opportunities
  4. Display quotes in web store

Bridges to accounting / ERP

As with stand alone – plus

  1. Orders, invoices, purchase orders and supplier bills sent to your systems
  2. Show order history online
  3. Credit limit checks, automated payments and much more to make this completely efficient

Let us know if we missed anything...

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