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Product Descriptions

iStock_000005493342XSmallThird party suppliers that we pay, provide product descriptions, images, categorisation and much more so that the products your suppliers sell have full matching information.

Icecat, our main provider.

They have a library of over 2m product descriptions. Our service gives out all the open Icecat – plus via our special deal with them we give the categorization, attributes and thumbnail image for full Icecat products in the feed which is enough to list the products on shopping channels. All the full Icecat product descriptions are provided via an iframe that can easily be incorporated in to your site.

Supplier’s content to back fill

The images and descriptions your suppliers provide (or you source yourself) can be included. If your supplier categorizes their products, you can map their categories to your store categories – or of course you can just search through and categorize the products in other ways. However in most case this is not necessary since we already have the products categorized from the Icecat information.

Suppliers content and navigation

For specific suppliers such as Spicers and Vow – with a large number of own brand products and their own navigation we can import their files – including the navigation and product descriptions. This is exported by our system as a separate root category. The product database is the same for all category trees typically toner, office and IT – it is just the navigation that varies. NB Some suppliers charge for their product content.

Bechlem, Ink and Toner Finder

The most comprehensive database of toners and printers in the world. We have brought in this new method of navigation as an additional root category. This includes compatible, re-manufactured and original brands.


The kings of product content – at a price – maybe £40,000 per year. Cnet can be included on request for bigger customers.


The Spicers data is supplied by this Birmingham based UK product content company. Hence we have the ability to import the Openrange data in to our systems – although we have yet to do it for any business due to the Icecat offer.

Data Provided

See our sample files to find out exactly what we offer – it includes

  • Part numbers
  • Product Names
  • EAN codes
  • Category of products
  • Stock level
  • Your lowest priced supplier
  • UNSPSC code
  • Multiple Images per product
  • Related products
  • Detailed product description
  • Full product specifications
  • Product attributes (e.g. color)
  • Expert product reviews


Improving Product Descriptions

Using our tool you can improve and edit your product descriptions in bulk. Options include: –

  • Add default images to products without images
  • Add default descriptions to products without descriptions
  • Set a stock level – profit margin or fixed price
  • Categorize products – and move / copy products to other categories to other categories

Using these tools you can list products on shopping channels that don’t have product descriptions provided. In this way you will be one of very few sellers of these products.

Let us know if we missed anything...

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