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Supplier connections

200 Suppliers 3.3m products?

E-enable all your suppliers in one go! Over 200 suppliers wordlwide are partners – feeding in over 10,000 individual feeds in to our site every day. Over 1.4 million products to sell are available to sell. You can also add your own stock and suppliers that are not listed on the site.

  • Your individual feed from your supplier gets imported with your own personalised pricing
  • The items are matched with full product descriptions provided by Icecat
  • The suppliers and your own product descriptions can also be imported
  • Multiple suppliers with the same product result in the price from the cheapest supplier being listed on your site.

Completely Automated

Every night our system will go out to the suppliers and automatically collect your feeds. The data is imported and normalised, then matched with the product descriptions. Price and data quality rules are applied and then a file is published which you can import in to your web store.

Add Your Own Suppliers / Stock

In addition to the suppliers we show on our site you can add unlimited other suppliers / stock and price feeds. To do this you need at least stock, price, SKU and brand in a spreadsheet. This process can be done manually by uploading a file or can be automated with our system collecting files from an FTP location.

Real Time Stock And Prices

Out of the 120 suppliers we have on board about 20% allow real time queries of stock and price levels so you can see completely accurate information from them. (With the other suppliers we update hourly).

Electronic Ordering

Over 25 suppliers are fully integrated between their systems and ours– this involves the following:

  • Sending electronic purchase orders to get the suppliers to drop ship the goods
  • Receiving an order status and tracking reports as the supplier fulfills the orders
  • Receiving the supplier invoices for the products ordered

Getting Suppliers Set Up

For most of the UK distributors you simply have to enter your account number and click apply for prices on a web page within our site. It is completely simple to get working: –

  1. In other countries and with new suppliers to add new suppliers send us the supplier stock file and we will put it live for you straight away – or add the supplier as a private datafeed.
  2. To set up suppliers for Real time queries and ordering, contact our sales team

Let us know if we missed anything...

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